Divrei Torah

Advice for the Dreamer

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Passion for Torah Burns With in
The Dreamer is always seeking the in

New mediums are every moment sought
But the truth is in persistance with what is ought

What he should is what there is
The new will leap from where he is

by Rabbi David Botton

What is Judaism

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Judaism, known in Hebrew as Yahaduth, has a religion, but is not in itself a religion. A one-word definition is an impossible task as its components taken as a whole are an entity unlike any other. Therefore a picture of Judaism must be formed and presented by its elements: nation, land and religion. Each is described and defined along with its relationship to the whole.

Yehudah the Menorah - a Chanukah Story

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Shimmy The Worm - A Rosh HaShanah Story

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Divrei Torah and Articles

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God willing as we organize for our future publications we will be publishing Divrei Torah from the Agudah's Rabbanim here, along with important exclusive articles for the web site and recordings of shiurim when submitted.

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