Geniza - Honorable disposal of old holy works

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R' Ronen Araki of Torah Moshe provides services for the honorable disposal of old holy works. Please contact him to make arrangements.

Torat Moshe
R' Ronen Araki
3210 Stirling Road
Hollywood, FL 33021
(305) 896-2261

Kashrut Information


Please note the Agudat HaKehilot Ahavat Shalom does not provide kosher supervision. The organizations listed are those we recognize providing orthodox Ashkenazi kosher standards and are reliable and diligent in ensuring the standards are kept.

For Sefardim when purchasing or eating at establishments under supervision they must ask the mashgiach present concerning the following items:

  1. Any beef you choose to eat or purchase has been verified by the mashgiach to be certified Bet Yosef not just "Glatt" or "Chasidish"

Financial / Food Assistance


    Physical Local Organizations

  • We are One, Hollywood
    Assistance offered: Food bank and other services
    Mrs. Sara Lucy Cohen
    3216 Stirling Road
    Hollywood, FL 33021
    (954) 986-0285

Medical Assistance


If you would like to be added to this list of providers of Medical Assistance to those in need please contact the agudah.

  • Rabbi Dr. David Botton
    Herbal Medicines, Acupuncture, Adult & Pediatrics, Fertility / Nida Issues
    Shaare Tzedek Complementary Medicine Center
    Offices in Boca, Hollywood and Miami
    Assistance Offered: For those needing assistance just tell secretary what you feel you can afford for treatment no questions will be asked.


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We are in the process of producing a non-public database for Rabbanim alone to access to help make shiduchim (marriage matches).

If you wish to be included in our database and for the Agudah Rabbanim to consider you for shidduchim please e-mail Rabbi David Botton information about yourself and a photo (for the rabbis alone to use to remember who you are).

Bet Din of the Agudat HaKehilot Ahavat Shalom


We are currently arranging the procedures for our bet din. More information for filing cases for consideration will be posted in the near future.


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Minyamin are listed from earliest to latest times.
Click for minyan locations

Shachrit Sundays

    Hollywood / Dania Beach Area

  • Nahar Shalom - Netz - Click for exact times
  • Torat Moshe - 7:30am
  • David Chai - 7:45am
  • B'Nai Sephardim - 8am
  • Maor Yitzchak - 8am
  • Nahar Shalom 2nd Minyan - 9am
    Plantation Area

  • Tiferet Rafael - 8am

Shachrit Monday - Friday

    Hollywood / Dania Beach Area

Kallah Teachers

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Rebbetzin Miriam Botton
One on one classes only
Classes must be scheduled at least 2 months before weddings
E-Mail request for contact

Shatnez Testing

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Shatnez Labs

Rabbi Dr. David Botton
Please allow 1 week for checking
Drop off at his clinic at:
Shaare Tzedek Acupuncture
3402 Griffin Road
Dania Beach, FL 33312




Mikvah at B'Nai Sephardim
Under construction now - Physical building

Mikvah at Nahar Shalom
Under construction now - Zoning and Permitting

Non-Agudah Mikvaot
Young Israel of Hollywood / Fort Lauderdale
3291 Stirling Road
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33021
Mikvah Information

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