Kashrut Information


Please note the Agudat HaKehilot Ahavat Shalom does not provide kosher supervision. The organizations listed are those we recognize providing orthodox Ashkenazi kosher standards and are reliable and diligent in ensuring the standards are kept.

For Sefardim when purchasing or eating at establishments under supervision they must ask the mashgiach present concerning the following items:

  1. Any beef you choose to eat or purchase has been verified by the mashgiach to be certified Bet Yosef not just "Glatt" or "Chasidish"
  2. The owner of the establishment is Jewish, unless all cooking is being done by Jews. If not most cooked foods will have kashrut issues for Sefardim.
  3. Ask the mashgiach to place any food to be cooked himself directly on the fire if the cook is not Jewish. (Rav Ovadia Yosef zt"l permitted eating cooked foods when the owner was Jewish and mashgiach turned on the fire if not possible for mashgiach to place food on fire himself.)

For Sefardim and Ashkenazim one must always check on every visit for a valid up to date kosher certification from the certifying organization is posted on the wall of the establishment. One should not purchase or eat in an establishment with an expired certificate even if the owner "offers" to call the certifying organization in front of you to prove still under supervision.

For those particular concerning Yashun, they should insure that the actual kosher certification includes it on the certificate. It has been found that most in store mashgichim / owners are not familiar with the laws or properly understand date codes and as a result may not answer properly.

Local Reliable Kosher Agencies

Other Reliable Kosher Agencies